Crown & Queue x Brew By Numbers *June 10th*

Crown & Queue x Brew By Numbers *June 10th*

Two of Bermondsey's best artisnal businesses are hosting a meat and beer pairing event on June 10th at Brew By Numbers' Bermondsey taproom on Enid Street.

The evening will consist of five individual cured meats (pork and beef) from Crown & Queue paired with five distinct craft beers from Brew By Numbers, with a curated and guided tasting on each. Alongside the pairings, Alfie from Crown & Queue and Dennis from Brew By Numbers will lead an informative chat on ingredient provenence, artisanal processes and the history behind each meat and beer style.

Tickets can be purchased here.

The following meat and beer pairings will be served with each ticket:

Pigtails on arrival

Black Pepper Belly paired with 30 Organic Lager – Mandarina Bavaria

Hoghton Loin paired with 42 DDH Pale Ale – Morden Wharf

Black Collar paired with 55 Double IPA – Breakfast

Devil's Mortar paired with 05 India Pale Ale – West Coast

Martlemass Beef paired with 10 Coffee Porter – Doi Saket