Yakima Chief Cryo Hop Suspended by Liquid Nitrogen

New Collaboration IPA with Yakima Chief Hops

It’s hops, but not as you know them…

Brew By Numbers Yakima Chief Citra Mosaic Simcoe IPA


Our new collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops utilises YCH 301 Frozen Fresh Hops Cryro Hops® and brings hops to the table in a way never seen before. A part of the Yakima Chief Hops Elite Product Trial program, The YCH 301 Trial combines the revolutionary technology of Cryo Hops® with Frozen Fresh Hops to achieve maximum impact with bold aromas and full flavour. Perfect for hop-forward beers styles like IPA and Pale Ale. 


Freshly harvested hops, packed with lupulin goodness are harvested and flash frozen to retain all the integral and aromatic impact of fresh hops that is often lost through kilning. Using YCH patented cyrogenic hop processing technology, the lupulin (the powerhouse of the hop) is gently removed from the hop and converted into concentrated lupulin pellets that packs a punch! The result is a complex and dynamic flavours and aromas that have previously been unattainable outside of fresh hop festivals in the US. 


BBNo Brewhouse Manager, James was very excited to get his hands on these new YCH 301 hops and jumped at the opportunity to use all three varieties currently available in one beer. Our collaboration IPA uses Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe YCH 301 hops to deliver big, bold and dank tropical aromas of papaya, passionfruit and mango with bright citrus notes and slight haze.



Yakima Chief Hops Stacked Logo Muscletone

About Yakima Chief Hops 

Yakima Chief Hops began in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in 1988 and is 100% grower owned. For over 30 years they have been invaluable to the global brewing industry, providing solution-based products and tireless research in the field of hop production and development.


The organization is owned by 15 hop growers and is heavily focused on maintaining a hands-on approach to hop production at farm level, from sustainability best practices to quality management.


Being synonymous with quality, we were thrilled to host representatives of Yakima Chief Hops at Morden Wharf to brew this exciting collaboration together.

 Yakima Chief Hop Harvest