From Coffee Mug to Pint Glass

From Coffee Mug to Pint Glass

When we planned our 10th Birthday beers, we knew that we would need to revisit our relationship with incredible coffee supplier and roaster, Hasbean. This was our third collaboration with Hasbean; the first resulting in three Coffee Porters created that highlighted the unique and complex flavour and aroma profiles of three different coffee origins from different continents and the second being a CBD infused Coffee Porter.
With coffee being a part of the daily ritual of the BBNo crew, we always look forward to visits from Roland Glew and the team, knowing it will bring great conversation and introduce us to our exciting new beans and blends. In the most recent visit, we were glad to learn some cans of our last collaboration had made its way into the hands of the hard-working producers in Costa Rica and that they enjoyed the results as much as we did.

Lourdes de Sumava Francisco Mena and Team Member holding BBNo Brew By Numbers 10 Coffee Porter Sumava

Pictured here: Francisco Mena + team Member at Sumava de Lourdes in Costa Rica with a can of the 10|Coffee Porter Sumava edition.
In one of the more energetic product selection sessions we’ve had at Brew By Numbers, we sampled several different coffee varieties with the team at Hasbean before settling on these expressive beans from El Salvador. The coffee from Finca San Jose was all excellent quality, but there was something very unique about the Red Bourbon Wash and its dynamic interplay between deep chocolate and bright fruit characters.
We are proud to be able to showcase a coffee from this producer as Finca San Jose has a rich and personal history beginning in 1815 when the Rodriguez family planted the first trees, the company is now in the hands of the fourth and fifths hands of this family and being headed by the inspiring Gloria Mercedes Rodriguez. The San Jose farm is one of great personal significance to Gloria as until very recently, all the plants had been planted by her father.

Stephen Leighton Image of San Jose Red Bourbon Coffee

 Photo Credit: Stephen Leighton 

The name “Red Bourbon” refers to the Arabica coffee varietal and the signature bright red colour pictured above. Bourbon coffee is best known for a deep and complex character with buttery chocolate notes. Much like with wine, each harvest presents a slightly different expression, and this year was particularly vibrant. The characteristic chocolate was present with accents of marshmallow, a rich biscuit character, and notes of juicy, ripe cherry. The overall sweetness of this yield loans itself perfectly to a Porter with its dark malts, light finish, and soft bitterness.
From coffee cup to pint glass, we hope all consumers enjoy these Finca San Jose Washed Red Bourbon beans as much as we have! 

BBNo Brew By Numbers 10 Coffee Porter Hasbean Collaboration