New Beer: Organic Lager – Mandarina Bavaria

New Beer: Organic Lager – Mandarina Bavaria

In the last few years we have seen a Lager renaissance blossoming in the UK with many excellent beers being produced by craft breweries across the country. This movement has been mirrored around the world and it now seems that brewing a crisp and delicious lager is an important addition to many brewer's schedules.

What is amazing to see is how that love for brewing lager has translated into a real appreciation of the style across the craft beer scene. What was once considered a style that represented the antithesis of the craft beer movement, lagers are widely tipped to be one of the most exciting styles in 2021. This change has been helped along by British breweries such as Lost and Grounded in Bristol, Donzoko Brewing Company in Hartlepool and Utopian Brewing in Devon (to name a few). This new wave of modern breweries have helped change the perception of this heritage style and renew interest in its subtle and refreshing character.

We have brewed a few lagers over the years at Brew By Numbers and it's a style that we love to make (and drink). Our last two releases have been some of the best lagers we have ever made (32 Pilsner – German Style and 30 Lager – Rustic) but for our latest brew we wanted to push the ingredients to their limit, using entirely organic malts and hops. We sourced Organic Pilsner Malt from Crisp's Malt in Norfolk and organic new-season Mandarina Bavaria hops from Simply Hops in Tonbridge. These top quality ingredients have helped to create the best lager we have ever made, a truly delicious and elegant beer with flavours of subtle lemon, gentle bread-y notes and a balanced, crisp bitterness.

As a brewery we always focus on both process and ingredients, striving to improve each with every brew. A beer as simple and satisfying as a lager was a fantastic way to experiment with ingredient quality, and we have been blown away by the results. As we grow and refine our processes (and ingredients) we want this beer to improve and become one of the best craft lagers in the country. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and would love to hear your feedback across socials.

To pick up some cans of this sunshine sipper, click the link here.